Licensed innovation (IP) is the core of the 21st-century organization, a fundamental engine driving development, aggressiveness, and the development of organizations and the economy all in all. As indicated by the ongoing exploration done by Ocean Tomo, impalpable resources esteem developed to a normal of 84% by January 1, 2015.[1] In the Digital Age, IP burglary is set to ascend inside the coming years and could conceivably influence a large number of organizations and new companies, particularly in the IT business. The Internet has unquestionably made robbery less demanding than any time in recent memory.

IP robbery is a business pioneer’s bad dream – it might mean relinquishment of the first-to-advertise advantage, loss of benefit, or—in the most pessimistic scenario—losing whole lines of business to contenders or forgers. Subsequently, regardless of whether you are a startup or a set up organization, it is never too soon to fabricate defensive dividers around your IP. Try not to hold up until the point that it is past the point of no return!

What Kind of Intellectual Property Does my Business Own?

Protected innovation (IP) alludes to manifestations of the psyche. We are encompassed by and always communicate with somebody’s licensed innovation. For instance, while perusing this blog entry, you will go over photos secured by copyright, you are sitting before your PC which bears a brand name ensured by a trademark (for instance, Lenovo), you are presumably sitting on a seat potentially secured by configuration rights and you may hold a pen whose instrument has been protected sooner or later.

There is a general accord with respect to what makes the center of IP content, for example, abstract, sensational, melodic and imaginative works, accounts, movies and broadcasting, innovations, enlisted and unregistered outlines, signs, names and pictures equipped for separating the merchandise or services.[1] Therefore, anything you have made, from a thought how to build up your business to the logo or PC code, may speak to your licensed innovation.

On the off chance that you are an IT organization, a bit of programming you created is secured by your copyright.

Licensed innovation is secured by IP law, for example, copyright, licenses, plans, trademarks, land signs and exchange secrets.[2] They give the maker the privilege to abuse this property and keep others from making unapproved utilization of their IP for a restricted timeframe. Nonetheless, there is no broad accord with regards to the furthest reaches of Intellectual Property Law.[3] In this short diagram, we will concentrate just on most normal sorts of IP rights in our day by day rehearse: trademarks, copyright, licenses and competitive advantages. In the event that you wish to discover more about mechanical plan, if it’s not too much trouble click here.

For what reason do I have to secure my Intellectual Property?

Your manifestations are fundamental for the development of your business. As an IP proprietor you should profit by your diligent work, interest in the creation and achievement. This implies you can choose if and how your property can be utilized. Indeed, IP rights furnish you with a component for winning budgetary advantage for their utilization by others. On the off chance that your scholarly creation is stolen, your rivals may harvest without sowing, unjustifiably decreasing your upper hand and harming your business. In this way, with the developing utilization of the web, it has never been so natural to get to data and the odds of a thought being duplicated have never been more prominent. Consequently, securing your IP turned out to could really compare to ever previously.

Who can take my business’ IP?

We frequently observe burglary of IP by rebel present or previous representatives. Robbery can have different structures from taking certain groupings of programming to taking a piece of organization’s business name (particularly if the organization has beforehand neglected to enroll trademark). It is extremely regular to see the unlawful utilization of private data for the motivations behind setting up a contender business to its previous manager, which has a tendency to be inconvenient without legitimately drafted Non-divulgence understanding (NDA).

On account of IT organizations, aside from representatives, robbery is ordinarily performed by business visionaries who offer programming advancement administrations to the IT organization.

All things considered, it isn’t irregular to see the two contenders, and criminal and recreational programmers, as IP hoodlums too.

How would I secure my Business’ IP?

Some IP rights are naturally defended by IP law, (for example, copyright), while others require some type of lawful activity (trademarks, licenses). By the by, with regards to classified data, you have to ensure you have appropriate inward secrecy methodology in power.

So what would you be able to do?

While we clarify advance what ought to be done in connection to specific kinds of IP, it is central to comprehend the accompanying:

1. Be cautious of outsider help!

On the off chance that you’ve contracted a man or organization to make your IP or potentially items, it is imperative you have a point by point and defensive assention set up. This ought to appoint full possession rights to you upon installment or fruition, as these don’t consequently exchange to you. Such understandings are particularly critical in the IT division.

2. Deliberately draft Employment Contracts

In the event that your very own representatives make the IP amid their work, you have to guarantee that IP remains in your organization in any situation.

3. IP License Agreement

On the off chance that you might want to give consent to utilize your IP to another gathering, be cautious with the IP permit consent to have the capacity to amplify your benefit and hold authority over it.

Competitive innovations

The most risked IP today is really exchange or corporate mystery, instead of IP as of now out in the open space, (for example, trademarks and licenses). Why? All things considered, in light of the fact that it very well may be adapted rapidly. Along these lines, not at all like in different sorts of digital violations, for example, the burglary of Visa or individual information, it might set aside significant opportunity to be found.

Copyrighted information, for example, programming code is a standout amongst the most well known targets. Among other famous targets are additionally business methodologies, client records, merger designs, producing forms and so forth.

Things being what they are, how would you shield your business from misappropriation of prized formulas?

These are the ways:

Present privacy and security methods (this ought to be set out in a different and point by point Rulebook).

Sign painstakingly drafted Non-revelation concurrences with representatives, subcontractors and colleagues.

Gather proof of secrecy systems and conceivable misappropriation.

Close legitimately drafted contracts with non-contend provisions.

Our lawyers can help figure strategies and techniques to help ensure your basic know-how. By actualizing procedural and physical shields, NDA execution and reviewing, and strong requirement rehearses, it is conceivable to accomplish insurance for your competitive advantages.


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A trademark or administration check is a brand name which is enrolled. Along these lines, regardless of whether you possess web area or enroll an organization under the specific business name, you are not completely ensured. On the off chance that somebody chooses to enroll, for instance, a similar word or logo, they could drive you to re-mark the whole business.

A trademark may incorporate any word, name, image, outline, or any mix used to recognize and recognize the merchandise or administrations of one vender or supplier from the others. The primary capacity of a trademark is to demonstrate the wellspring of the products or administrations, to keep clients from being deluded or cheated. For some organizations, the brand esteem may far surpass the value of the organization’s substantial resources. In this way, no big surprise why Don Keough, head working officer and an executive of The Coca-Cola Company from 1981 to 1993, has stated: “I characterize my job as leader of The Coca-Cola Company basically: It is to secure and upgrade the trademarks of the organization.”

With the end goal to be qualified for security, a check must be particular of the proprietor in order to recognize the proprietor’s products or administrations. To acquire trademark or administration stamp assurance you have to document an application for trademark enrollment either broadly, locally (European Community) or globally. In Serbia, trademark applications are to be sent to The Intellectual Property Office in Belgrade. The application needs to unequivocally determine products or potentially benefits for which the trademark is to be enrolled. Prior to sending the application, it is completely fundamental to attempt an examination of the enrolled check database to maintain a strategic distance from the application being declined or to lessen the danger of the potential trademark encroachment, which may have expensive outcomes. A man without the best possible foundation in IP law may not play out this investigation legitimately.


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A thought, regardless of how unique, won’t be ensured until the point that it is communicated somehow. Additionally, it is essential that worldwide IP law explicitly precludes the presentation of customs for the security of copyright, implying that, not at all like on account of trademarks and licenses, makers appreciate assurance without the requirement for enrollment of their works. The impalpable property secured by copyright law is unmistakable in that it emerges consequently.

Since Serbia has marked and confirmed the most essential traditions on copyright – Berne Convention for the Protection of Literary and Artistic Works and Trade-Related Aspects of Intellectual Property Rights (TRIPS), global IP law standards apply in its national law.

As a copyright proprietor, you have two sorts of rights – monetary and moral rights. The financial rights are property rights which are constrained in time and which might be exchanged by the creator to other individuals similarly as some other property. They ordinarily incorporate the privilege of propagation, the privilege of circulation, the privilege to make it accessible to people in general, rental and landing rights, and also the privilege to make an adjustment of the work. Then again, moral rights will be privileges of makers of copyrighted works, for example, the privilege of attribution, the privilege to have a work distributed namelessly or pseudonymously and the privilege to the trustworthiness of the work. In the event that your copyright has been encroached, you may secure it in copyright suit.


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Innovations, regardless of whether items or procedures, which are new, include an imaginative advance and are fit for mechanical application, might be ensured by patent. A patent gives a selective right conceded by a state to a designer for a specific timeframe as an end-result of revelation of his or her creation in a record known as the patent particular. The depiction of the creation in the patent particular must be clear and sufficiently justifiable, with the goal that other gifted people here of innovation may play out the development after the patent lapses. The degree of the elite rights is characterized in the piece of the patent application known as the cases. Not at all like copyright, which emerges consequently on production of the work, licenses are just conceded after the candidate conforms to a moderately cumbersome process. In Serbia, to get patent insurance one needs to record an application to the Intellectual Property Office in Belgrade.

Under the Serbian law, innovations might be secured by patent, which goes on for a long time from the date of documenting the application, or frivolous patent, which goes on for a long time from the recording date of use. The fundamental distinction between these two sorts is in the topic: trivial patent secures just an answer identified with the structure of an item or the design of its segments, while a patent ensures the item or a procedure, or their utilization. Prior to recording an application for patent or insignificant patent it is basic to check if your creation has just been ensured and discover data about the developments having a place with a similar field. This examination may not be attempted by a man without a solid foundation in the Intellectual Property Law.