By utilizing PCs consistently, either for private or business purposes, you are most likely mindful of the advantages brought upon by the utilization of electronic endorsements and electronic marks. Then again, as this field isn’t yet adequately known and available to the overall population, we keep on seeing it as “that thingy” and earnestly trust that we won’t be in the situation to require it.

Albeit electronic mark has existed for over ten years in our lawful framework, the point has become animated after the execution of the new Law on Electronic Document, Electronic Identification and Trusted Services in Electronic Commerce (hereinafter: Electronic Document Act). Therefore, we will surely be compelled to utilize the electronic mark sooner rather than later, as an ever increasing number of organizations go on the web. [1]

Electronic Signature – the Notion

What Electronic Signature isn’t

Despite the fact that it might appear glaringly evident to a few, how about we begin with the way that the electronic mark isn’t a checked picture of your transcribed mark in electronic shape. It is just a showcase of your mark in electronic shape. Be that as it may, the examined picture does not have indistinguishable impact from an individual mark. The purpose for this is it doesn’t meet the level of unwavering quality required in web based business (it is effectively replicated – distorted by outsiders, it isn’t liable to graphological expertize, i.e., the foundation of mark validness, and so forth.)

The advanced mark likewise varies from the stamp signature. Albeit outwardly might be apparently similar, the most huge contrast is in the level of unwavering quality. To be particular, as the stamp signature basically speaks to a picture of an individual mark, it doesn’t meet the required unwavering quality highlights, and can’t be utilized as a substitute for an individual mark. Along these lines, a stamp mark isn’t utilized when marking vital records which relegate rights and commitments, yet when the speed of work is required. As opposed to this, as the electronic mark replaces individual mark in all cases, it will be utilized when an abnormal state of business unwavering quality is required.

What Electronic Signature Actually IS

Electronic (advanced) mark is innovation which empowers validation of marks in web based business. It is ensured that the message or report from the sender to the beneficiary has landed in the unaltered shape.

It ensures the honesty of the information transmitted electronically and the respectability of the marked electronic report. Furthermore, the electronic mark utilized once isn’t reusable, and, all things considered, fills in as a certification that nothing in the marked record has been in this manner changed. This is empowered on the grounds that the time electronic mark was put is unmistakable in the report itself. An electronically marked record sent over the Internet is as substantial as an archive marked face to face.

Since we cleared up what electronic mark is and what are the standard contrasts between the terms that prompt a misunderstanding practically speaking, you are likely considering how to make your electronic mark. Who would it be advisable for you to swing to?

Strategy for Obtaining the Electronic Signature

With the end goal to sign reports from your PC electronically, you first need to get a qualified electronic endorsement from an approved affirmation body, enlisted in the Register of Certification Authority.

Affirmation Authority (CA) is a middle person, a “confided in outsider” in electronic correspondence among you and the individual you speak with.

A qualified electronic testament can be comprehended as an electronic distinguishing proof “controller” that contains data about the guarantor and the client of the declaration.

At the point when our confirmation body issues a qualified electronic testament and effectively introduces it on your PC, an electronic mark experience can start.

Approved accreditation specialists for issuing qualified electronic authentications to swing to:

– Certification expert of the Post Office

– Certification expert of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Serbia (PKS CA)

– Certification expert of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the RS



– Certification expert of the Ministry of Defense and the Army of Serbia

Which particular accreditation specialist you will pick is the subject of your inclination, and the terms of utilization can be found on CA sites. Diverse accreditation bodies offer distinctive advantages, so it’s critical to get data about that also. For instance, each native of the RS who claims a chip ID card can make an electronic authentication in the Ministry of Interior, for nothing out of pocket in under 10 minutes (the time is booked on-line). Then again, the need of the confirmation assemblages of the Post and the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Serbia is that they issue testaments to non-occupants, i.e., people who don’t hold a Serbian ID or one of a kind ace resident number, and they require an authentication before the Business Registers Agency. Likewise, there is the likelihood of acquiring an electronic declaration bearer (medium) with these accreditation specialists – a brilliant card peruser and a USB token.

Then again, projects, for example, Adobe Reader give the capacity to make electronic marks and sign reports. In any case, for this situation, there a qualified electronic authentication can’t be issued by approved affirmation bodies. Thus, such an electronic mark does not meet the legitimately stipulated conditions, and can’t be utilized before state specialists.

What Happens in Practice?

Practically speaking, how regularly will you have the capacity to utilize the electronic mark, and for which exercises will you need to convey a pen with you?

With respect to utilization of electronic marks by and by, we can isolate the employments into three “gatherings”:

those for which you can’t utilize an electronic mark,

You may – utilize is the accommodation yet not the need,

You should do it electronically, utilizing an electronic mark.

How about we start with those exercises where the electronic mark can’t be utilized. This is a reference list, i.e. this number of exercises isn’t last, yet just the ones that we frequently experience practically speaking.

These are on the whole lawful exchanges for exchanging property rights to immovables or setting up other property rights on immovables. So when you go to the Notary open to check the business understanding, e.g., for a flat, expect an out-dated system.

In like manner, you won’t have the capacity to utilize the electronic mark for contracts in the field of legacy rights: concession to the designation and task of property amid one’s life, life care assentions, legacy understandings, and also the announcements of the gatherings during the time spent examining the legacy.

This class additionally incorporates understandings which administer property relations between companions, and in addition the assentions for the portion of the property of a man who has been denied of their capacity to practice their her business limit.

A mark of the contracting party is important with the end goal to finish up a deed of blessing on the exchange of property, accordingly, the electronic mark isn’t an equivalent substitute.

The utilization of a manually written mark in reports on paper or an affirmed transcribed mark is likewise important for other lawful issues or activities, for which it is anticipated by an uncommon law or as per the law of the received directions.

The “between classification” incorporates those occupations that you can in any case embrace and submit paper records, however electronic administrations have been presented and their application is energized. This basically includes the exercises with the e-Government.

E-government is the most obvious and, in the meantime, the most imperative preferred standpoint of utilizing electronic marks. Envision that your PC at home or at work is a counter of some regulatory foundation. Indeed, that implies that later on, when we require an administration, we won’t need to go to the counter and lose time and persistence holding up in line before that. Around there, the utilization of electronic marks is energized, and we witness the day by day change and extension of its application.

In this way, you can submit expense forms to the Tax Administration electronically, obviously, there are no deterrents to submitting paper archives. Electronic marks will likewise be utilized for the electronic issuance of building grants, for the entrance to the Internet counter of the Republic Agency for Electronic Communications and the Central System for electronic preparing and capacity of duplicates of declarations from registers in electronic frame. You can likewise apply electronic mark in managing the Customs Administration, by presenting a provide details regarding the tasks of backers of securities. For the National Bank, bailiffs submit PDF reports marked electronically, and banks and other money related organizations of the XML archive.

At long last, there is likewise the third classification of employments for which the utilization of electronic marks is vital. Starting at 2015, the money related proclamations have been submitted to the BRE in electronic frame and furnished with a qualified electronic mark of the lawful delegate.

Utilizing Electronic Signature in Company Formation and Running a Business

While you are maintaining your business, you will experience distinctive lawful circumstances in which you will have the chance to utilize the electronic mark. Then again, a few activities are as yet customary, requiring physical nearness and the compulsory pen and paper signature.

For instance, amid an organization development, the OP shape is marked by hand for the lawful agent of the organization and their own quality is required. Furthermore, the Notary open guarantees this frame. Likewise, for opening an organization’s perpetual record, individual nearness and a manually written mark of the legitimate delegate will be required.

Then again, as we have already said, the recording of budgetary articulations while your business is running is obligatory in electronic shape and must be marked electronically, or, in other words proxied to accountants.

Nonetheless, toward the start of the year, the comfort of electronic enlistment of business people was presented. Likewise, the Draft Law on Amendments to the Companies Act[2], which will be in power from October 1, 2018, accommodates the likelihood to shape an organization on the web. This will be empowered just for single-part restricted obligation organizations at first, yet the thought is to stretch out the training to multi-part organizations. It will be conceivable to sign the establishing demonstration as an electronic archive with an electronic mark however take note of that the said comfort isn’t conceivable if the report in issue exchanges the privilege to unfaltering property.

Such an answer is greatly helpful and empowering for business visionaries as it encourages the procedure of an organization arrangement, as well as adds to the ensuing improvement of authoritative and bureaucratic strategies.

Prospects for progress

The utilization of electronic marks in Serbia is advancing continuously, in spite of the fact that not yet in full blossom in all circles of business and private life. Motivating forces from the skilled Ministry that the utilization of electronic marks ought to be “promoted” joined by legitimate advancements, absolutely are confirmed as far as the more extensive use of electronic signatures.[3]

Nationals will locate the most quick advantages of utilizing this “oddity” with regards to their very own accommodation.

When chatting on the use of electronic mark in Serbia, we would not swing to feedback and evaluate the circumstance as “damned” before we offer opportunity to optional enactment, a draft of which is wanted to become animated and clarify in detail the utilization of electronic marks in various regions of business and life. The arrangement is to draft countless enactment with the reason to further and all the more obviously illuminate the utilization of electronic marks in the different regions of business. This has been done as such far in regards to electronic solicitations, since the equipped Ministry issued a clarification toward the finish of 2017 in regards to the issuance and recording of solicitations in paper and electronic shape without the utilization of stamps and marks (401-00-4169/2017-16). Electronic solicitations don’t really contain an electronic mark, however just the distinguishing proof code of the individual approved to issue a receipt. The organization, by its inward demonstration, controls which individual is capable and what is viewed as a distinguishing proof check.

New lawful arrangements, reactions and gestures of recognition, both in the overall population and in expert writing, add to the spread of mindfulness on the significance of usage of electronic marks with the residents of Serbia. Then again, representatives are unavoidably acquainted with the strategies of electronic marking – getting electronic endorsements and applying them practically speaking, because of the commitment to utilize the electronic mark before specific establishments.

A definitive objective on the way of digitalization is to decrease the utilization of paper records in accordance with the European patterns, yet additionally to enhance the general business condition in Serbia and make great conditions for outside financial specialists.